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Tolerogenic Products

Selecta is advancing antigen-specific immunotherapies based on its proprietary Synthetic Vaccine Particle (SVP™) platform.

These tolerogenic SVP™ products 'instruct' the immune system to prevent and suppress pro-inflammatory responses against a specific antigen, thereby enabling the desired immune modulation without causing harmful global immune suppression. Selecta has successfully optimized its tolerogenic immunotherapeutics in extensive pre-clinical proof of principle studies. Applications include inhibition of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs), autoimmune diseases, and allergies.

Selecta’s lead application for tolerance is the antigen-specific prevention and treatment of ADAs. Antibodies induced by biologic therapy can neutralize efficacy or cross bind to endogenous proteins and cause severe adverse events. In addition to their negative impact on patient care, ADAs are a major reason for late stage failures in drug development and can cause major costs to payors.

In protein replacement therapies for rare diseases such as hemophilia or lysomal storage diseases, ADAs can neutralize efficacy in more than 20% of patients and cause life threatening complications. According to Selecta market analysis more than 30 approved products have a high prevalence of ADAs.

By first focusing on ADAs, Selecta can advance its first tolerogenic drug candidates through clinical development for applications in which the antigen is known and the biology of immunogenicity is well understood, thus enabling a streamlined development and regulatory path, while resolving important unmet needs. From a business perspective, Selecta has identified opportunities where inhibition of ADAs is highly desirable. Through in-licensing of highly immunogenic biologics, Selecta is maximizing the short term value of its tolerance platform.  Over time, Selecta will apply the SVP™ platform to develop a diverse array of tolerogenic immunotherapies, including opportunities in autoimmune diseases and allergies in which the antigen(s) may need to be identified or even be proprietary. 

The image below illustrates the key pathways for Selecta's antigen-specific tolerance approach.

Selecta antigen-specific tolerance approach

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