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Technology Platform

Shaping the immune response.

Synthetic Vaccine Particles (SVP) technology is a highly flexible nanoparticle platform, capable of incorporating a wide range of antigens and immunomodulators, allowing to tailor SVP products for inducing antigen-specific tolerance or activating the immune system.

Selecta Bioscience's focus is on developing and commercializing differentiated therapies that are designed to modulate the immune system to effectively and safely treat rare diseases by mitigating the formation of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) in response to life-sustaining biologic drugs. Tolerance inducing SVP products also have potential applications in the treatment of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

SVP products that stimulate the immune system have the potential to prevent and treat cancer, infections and other diseases.

SVP Platform

Potential components of SVP Products

CEO Werner Cautreels explaining Selecta’s platform

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