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Technology Platform

Shaping the immune response. Selecta Biosciences is focused on profoundly impacting the lives of patients by developing first-in-class antigen-specific tolerogenic therapies. Our proprietary tolerogenic Synthetic Vaccine Particle (SVP™) products are designed to enable durable and antigen-specific immune tolerance by co-presenting specific antigen(s) and immunomodulator(s) to relevant immune cells.

The biodegradable nanoparticles used in SVP™ are based on materials that are FDA approved and have been in clinical use for more than 30 years. The modular and flexible SVP™ platform allows creating hundreds of variations in a short amount of time and all SVP™ products have been optimized over many relevant design parameters. The company applies its tolerance platform to the inhibition of anti-drug antibodies in rare diseases such as hemophilia, to allergies, and auto-immune diseases.

In addition, SVP™ can be tailored to activate either humoral or cellular immunity for therapeutic as well as prophylactic applications. Selecta works on stimulatory immunotherapies in cancer, infectious diseases, and respiratory diseases.

SVP Platform

The image above illustrates the modularity of Selecta’s proprietary self-assembling nanoparticle products. The SVP™ platform uniquely incorporates the essential elements required for an antigen-specific and robust immune modulation. Particle characteristics such as size, charge and release rates are optimized to target relevant immune cells and optimally coordinate the processing of the immune signals.

SVP™ nanoparticles are safe, scalable and produced under GMP conditions. The first SVP™ based immunotherapy entered Phase 1 clinical development in 2011.

CEO Werner Cautreels explaining Selecta’s platform

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