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Product Advantages

Selecta's proprietary SVP™ platform is based on a combination of scientific breakthroughs in immunobiology and nanotechnology. The company's targeted immunotherapies and vaccines are designed to optimally interact with the body's immune system to achieve the desired antigen-specific response (rational vaccine design).  Depending on the cellular target and the molecular information encoded in the nanoparticle, the targeted immunotherapies and vaccines can potently and specifically induce immune activation or immune tolerance to a broad range of antigens.  The unique characteristics of Selecta's SVP™ product platform are detailed below:

 Product Advantages blue 07JUN2011

High efficacy

  • Efficient lymph node delivery. The SVP™ is designed to flow freely in the lymphatics to the lymph nodes upon administration and to induce a strong immune response while using lower antigen and adjuvant dosages than conventional vaccines. 
  • Controlled stoichiometry and release kinetics of adjuvant, antigen, and immunomodulator. Self assembly technology enables SVP™ design variations that are analogous to structure–activity relation analyses used in small molecule research.   SVP™ are designed to release their payload in the relevant compartment of antigen presenting cells. The release kinetics can be fine-tuned by altering the chemistry and composition of the nanoparticles.
  • Proprietary T-Cell epitopes. Universal helper T-Cell antigens developed by Selecta can be integrated within vaccines to ensure a rapid, robust, and durable immune response.  Selecta has also developed a proprietary algorithm to identify disease-specific T cell epitopes.

Enhanced Safety Profile

  • Selective lymph node targeting. SVP™ efficiently delivers vaccine components to the lymphoid tissues, thus minimizing systemic adverse effects.  
  • Synthetic nanoparticle. SVP™ contains fully synthetic and clinically validated biodegradable components, avoiding safety issues commonly associated with biologically-derived and conjugated vaccines.

Rational and Modular

  • Wide range of antigens.  Selecta's targeted vaccines can present a wide variety of antigens, including proteins, peptides, oligosaccharides, and small molecules, to treat or prevent a broad spectrum of diseases.
  • Wide range of immunomodulators. SVP™ can deliver a broad variety of immunomodulatory agents, such as oligonucleotides, lipids, and small molecules to stimulate humoral and cellular immunity or to induce immunological tolerance.
  • Combinatorial approaches. Variations of antigen and adjuvant or immunomodulator can be combinatorially optimized in a rational design process. This enables the analysis of structure-activity relationships, leading to more effective and efficient development cycles.

Production Simplicity

  • Self-assembling technology. SVP™ are manufactured using a proprietary self-assembling technology that creates nanoparticles that are nanostructured such that specific antigens and targeting molecules are displayed on the external surface of the particles while other antigens, immunomodulators, or adjuvants are encapsulated within the particles.
  • Cost-efficient and scalable manufacturing. Selecta's targeted immunotherapies and vaccines can be prototyped and manufactured at scale without the challenges and costs of the complex biological processes that form the basis for conventional vaccines. Furthermore, both cost and time-to-market risks are lower as manufacturing is based upon readily scalable processes using established pharmaceutical unit operations.
  • Proven technology. Selecta has transferred technology to GMP manufacturing CMOs to successfully produce and release multiple manufacturing batches to support clinical trials.

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