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Selecta Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing an entirely new class of targeted immunotherapies and vaccines that precisely regulate immune responses to prevent and treat disease.  Selecta's proprietary Synthetic Vaccine Particle (SVP™) platform creates a new paradigm in immunology, enabling a completely new therapeutic approach for selectively targeting the immune system to address diseases in new ways.

Our SVP™ therapies can be designed to prevent the harmful over activation of the immune system that is central to certain diseases because they have the differentiated ability to be antigen-specific and tolerogenic in regulating the immune system.  These SVP™ therapies can be applied in a variety of therapeutic areas with large unmet medical need, and we are strategically focused on three key applications: inhibition of immunogenicity for protein therapies, treatment of allergies, and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

For our proprietary programs, Selecta’s initial focus is to develop SVP™ therapies that prevent the potentially life threatening effects of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) caused by the immunogenicity of biologic drugs in patients. SVP™ therapies are able to specifically inhibit harmful immune responses caused by the administration of a biologic drug, while retaining the effectiveness of the drug and avoiding other unwanted impacts on the immune system.  Selecta has two lead proprietary drug programs for immunogenicity inhibition.

In our partnered programs, our lead SVP™ collaboration is with Sanofi.  In December 2012, Selecta and Sanofi entered into a strategic global collaboration to discover highly targeted, antigen-specific tolerogenic immunotherapies for life-threatening allergies, including food and other allergens. 

We have also developed the proprietary ability to create SVP™ therapies that can activate immune responses to a wide array of relevant antigens. Our initial antigen-specific, immune-activating product candidate, which is in clinical testing, is a first-in-class synthetic vaccine against nicotine for the critically underserved worldwide market of smoking cessation and relapse prevention.  We are also developing and optimizing candidates for a variety of applications including prevention of cancer, infectious diseases, chronic infections, and respiratory diseases.

Building on the groundbreaking discoveries of our scientific founders at MIT and Harvard Medical School, we have assembled a strong, experienced management team and attracted financing from leading venture investors.  We are developing our novel targeted immunotherapeutics and vaccines for worldwide markets at our facilities in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, and Moscow, Russia.


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