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Over the past two decades, Selecta's founders have been at the forefront of their respective fields of nanotechnology and immunology cumulating to the launch of Selecta Biosciences in 2008. Professor Robert Langer's laboratory at MIT - the largest biomedical engineering lab in the world - has an unparalleled track record in shaping and advancing the field of drug delivery through breakthrough discoveries in the area of biomaterials and drug delivery. Professor Omid Farokhzad's laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital-Harvard Medical School has pioneered the high-throughput development and screening of multifunctional nanoparticles for a broad range of medical applications.

In parallel, research in the laboratory of Professor Ulrich von Andrian at Harvard Medical School has generated profound insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate immune responses. His group has identified key events that allow the immune system to detect and respond to infectious viruses. Observing these infectious viruses, which in effect serve as natural models of nanometer-scale particles, have prompted the founders to formulate novel and powerful strategies that exploit precisely engineered, targeted synthetic nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for bioactive molecules that potently induce or modulate the immune response.

Bio Headshot - Rober LangerRobert Langer is the David H Koch Institute Professor at MIT. Dr. Langer has written approximately 1,150 articles. He also has approximately 800 issued/pending patents worldwide. Dr. Langer has received over 180 awards, including the 2006 United States National Medal of Science, the Charles Stark Draper Prize (considered the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for engineers), the 2008 Millennium Prize, and the 1998 Lemelson-MIT prize. By age 43, Dr. Langer was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Sciences.


 Bio Headshot - Omid FarokhzadOmid Farokhzad is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and a physician-scientist in the Department of Anesthesiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). Dr. Farokhzad directs the Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Biomaterials at BWH. He is a faculty member of the Brigham Research Institute Cancer Research Center at BWH. He is additionally a member of the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Programs in Prostate Cancer and Cancer Cell Biology. He is a Research Affiliate in the MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science. Dr. Farokhzad has extensive experience with the development of therapeutic nanoparticle technologies; most notably, he pioneered the high throughput development and screening of multi functional nanoparticles for medical applications. Dr. Farokhzad has authored more than 85papers and is an inventor of more than 70 issued/pending patents. The nanoparticle technologies that Dr. Farokhzad has developed formed the foundation for the  launch of three venture-backed biotechnology companies, BIND Therapeutics, Selecta Biosciences and Blend Therapeutics.

Bio Headshot - Ulrich von AndrianUlrich von Andrian is the Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. Professor of Immunopathology at Harvard Medical School. A recipient of several professional awards, Dr. von Andrian is an internationally recognized expert in the basic exploration of immune responses to exogenous and endogenous challenges, such as infections, tumors, and immune diseases. Using in vivo microscopic imaging technologies developed in his laboratory, Dr. von Andrian has identified how different immune cells migrate and communicate in living tissues and how immunomodulatory drugs can be designed to control and modify these events. He co-founded Selecta to apply these insights to the development of rationally engineered immunobiologics for the treatment and prevention of human diseases.

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